2014 was a huge year for technology as we saw announcements such as the iPhone 6, the Rosetta comet landing, Windows released the tablet that can replace your laptop and the 4G network finally came to Europe. 
2015 looks to be an even bigger year as the world continues to move forward into the digital era. We’ve seen new technologies announced such as paying for coffees and train tickets with your smart phone. During this year, we are set to see a lot more of the digital transformation some of us are sprinting to keep up with. 
For example, it has recently been forecasted that the total UK advertisement market will reach £15.7bn in 2015, yet more than 50% of this will be spent on digital media. So it appears that as we enter the new year, more money will be spent on advertising online than it will on more traditional forms of advertisement such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, billboards, posters and buses combined. This is reinforced through popular social media company Instagram, that has announced 2015 as the first year where it will begin advertising on the photo-sharing platform. 
In the US, the Iowa Department of Transportation has announced that it will be introducing digital driver’s licenses that are displayable and accessible via your smartphone. The new app will be password protected and allows Iowans to truly protect their identity. 
2015 is also the year where tech giant Apple made yet another power move and has launched its HealthKit service that is currently being piloted across 14 hospitals in the US. This groundbreaking technology will be able to help doctors remotely monitor patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes. The service will also allow hospitals to watch for early signs of trouble and intervene before a medical problem becomes serious. Researcher IDC Health Insights predicts that 70% of healthcare organisations worldwide will invest in virtual care technology such as this by 2018.
So with a new year comes new innovation and new ways the world is adapting to the fast moving digital age. As 2015 is kicking off to be the year of new technology, we invite you to discover how eSignature technology is saving time, money and considerably increasing efficiency with a free 30-day trial.