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Month: August 2017

ezidox takes pain and frustration out of gathering documents

Imagine being able to manage and share all the documents needed to transact with your mortgage broker from the convenience of your mobile device. ezidox, an Australian innovation, is making this a reality. Geoff Kendall,…
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Customer Spotlight: Goodman Australia takes on property industry’s paper trail

With innovation at its core, Goodman Australia sets out to digitise workflow and change the way that business gets done in the property industry. It was a huge leap forward for a company where signing…
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How SMBs can keep up with customer expectations in the digital age

It’s true that customers call the shots. So if your customers were telling you something that could give your business a boost, you’d sit up and listen, wouldn’t you? The findings of our recent survey…
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4 tips to transform your end-of-quarter sales process by going paperless

By Marcel Pitt – VP of Commercial Sales, DocuSign. In today’s tough economic conditions, it can be hard for large sales organisations to meet monthly and quarterly targets. Competition is fierce; and customers’ purse-strings are…
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