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Month: January 2019

Tech transformation in real estate: Consumers are ready for it

If you told someone in the early ’90s that they would soon be paying bills and checking their bank balance on their home computer, they would have laughed. But just a few years later, online…
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DocuSign unveils new ‘DocuSign for Forests’ initiative at World Economic Forum 2019

Our CEO, Dan Springer, made this historic address to attendees. Today I had the honour of representing DocuSign at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, and am pleased to share exciting news from…
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5 Issues keeping business owners up at night

In recent years, we’ve had the privilege of speaking to hundreds of small to medium business (SMB) owners about their goals for the future, and their strategies for reaching these goals. These conversations inevitably include…
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New Year, New Career: How to transition into the tech industry

As 2019 is now underway, some of your new years resolutions may be falling by the wayside! If your flashy new gym membership is starting to lose its shine, or your new Pilates mat is…
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Don’t let your internal operations leave you an industry outsider

Without competitive internal processes, there’s a ceiling to how successful any company can be. To stay ahead in the market and to be a disruptive force, innovating internal operations is vital. The traditional approach of…
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Real Estate Series: Learn the secret to more time and efficiency in real estate

Real estate in Australia is on the cusp of a new era, with technology transforming almost every element of the industry. Think online listings, mobile searches, virtual tours and more. Yet one critical process remains…
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