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Month: February 2019

Using DocuSign in Real Estate: save time and make more money

To remain competitive in the cut-throat real estate industry, real estate agents are continually on the look-out for ways to reduce the amount of time wasted on admin tasks. One of the biggest time wasters?…
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Using DocuSign in Real Estate: Customer experience

For most people, dealing with real estate agents can be stressful. Whether they’re changing rentals, buying a house for the first time, or selling the family home – it’s a big moment in a customer’s…
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10 Reasons why digital processes are better than manual

Take a moment to think of how many documents you, your colleagues, customers and suppliers need to sign each week to keep business moving forward.  For most businesses, counting could take a while when you…
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Using DocuSign in Real Estate: Security

For many real estate agents, one of the biggest roadblocks to digital adoption is the concern around security. Fair enough. In an industry where reputation is everything, no agent wants the regulators knocking on the…
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Using DocuSign in real estate: The Basics

Dealing with piles of paperwork and the lack of speed when sending documents via snail mail is frustrating. That’s why DocuSign is modernising how real estate agents sign, manage and prepare agreements – you can…
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