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Month: November 2019

Keeping track of your agreements, DocuSign-style

Take a close look at the old way of getting people to sign contracts and important documents, and you’ll soon see a lot of holes in the system. One of the biggest? An inability to…
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How to take the intelligent route to digital transformation

When it comes to digital transformation projects, achieving success can prove elusive. Time and money get thrown at an exciting new initiative, only for those holding the purse strings to be disappointed by the outcome….
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5 reasons why going paperless will put money back into your pocket

There is no doubt that a paperless office is cleaner, greener and more efficient. Reams of paper, once the mainstay of stationery cupboards in offices around Australia, are slowly but surely being replaced by digital…
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Local charities are making an IMPACT in Australia

Every year on the 15th of November, DocuSign comes together to support local charities in every region. Any and every task is on the cards to support the amazing work local organisations do to help…
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Is the cost of change holding you back from digital transformation?

When you think of digital transformation, what do you see? An army of workers wheeling out all your old servers and replacing them with a nebulous investment in cloud? A complex, convoluted and costly journey…
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How to choose the tech tools that create a happy workplace

There’s a lot of talk around town about how creating a positive experience for your employees is just as important as nailing the customer experience. An easy way to achieve this? Giving them the right…
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A glimpse into the office of the future

If you could time travel, what would your workplace look like five, ten, twenty years from now? Would you and your colleagues still be sitting at your desks or standing at your counters, doing whatever…
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Share the knowledge: Taking your system of agreement to the next level

We recently ran a webinar, Embracing modern systems of agreement- don’t transform without it, where DocuSign senior marketer, Natalie McKay, facilitated a conversation between Michael Barnes, VC and Research Director at Forrester, Kedar Viswanathan Head…
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Momentum 2019 Customer Panel: Here’s proof that small changes can have a big impact

Anyone who attended the recent DocuSign Momentum 2019 Sydney event would agree that our Customer Panel was a real highlight of the day. DocuSign’s Head of Commercial Sales Development APAC, Jacqui Sargent-Gillett, led a lively…
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