It’s a classic business image – drowning in paper. But before we conjure up images worthy of an Office Space reboot, we’ve got to digest the reality that drowning in paper extends beyond business. Take shopping and general commerce, for example. Isn’t it ironic that we’ve pocket full of receipts considering our predominantly digital lifestyle.

We’re leaping and bounding away from paper with smartphones and digital business platforms, but what about shopping? Shouldn’t a national pastime enjoy the same digital treatment as other areas of business?

Thankfully, it’s a top emerging digital trend and with recent announcements, such as Apple Pay and existing options like Starbucks’ smartphone app, prove that we’re streamlining the way we shop:

Fluid Access to Financial Information: Through mobile commerce platforms, we’re honoring our need for fluid access to banking and personal finances.


Empowered Financial Awareness: Not only will we never fear misplacing a credit card (or reporting one for that matter), we’re pushing forward a movement to take charge of our finances. Access is empowering and with mobile platforms, access is easy and convenient.


Clutter Free: What’s the logic behind signing receipts? Perhaps manual authentication worked for a bygone era, but these days, that doesn’t jive. Neither does fishing out payment cards – with a long line breathing down your neck. Mobile payment platforms eliminate both those nightmares with a simple app or feature. Hopefully this signals the absolute end of paper receipts!


While we’re streamlining our economic stimulating activities, we’re also calling for strengthened security, it’s important to realize that the past decades were like a trial phase for digital commerce. As we’ve collectively become more digital and mobile with our daily habits – shopping included – developers respond accordingly with necessary security measures. With a higher digital demand comes a higher commitment to security. Collectively, we’re safeguarding and streamlining our financial lives by signing onto the digital route with mobile purchasing platforms.

Even if you avoid shopping malls, the act of purchasing anything shouldn’t be a chore. We’re busy people and deserve to cut stress wherever possible. Cutting away the plastic along with the paper is a pure release from the old-fashioned hassles. 

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