While not every sales group throws out a ‘boiler room’ vibe, sales professionals can definitely feel the boiling pressure when tasked with communicating their product’s value proposition in seconds. All things considered, it makes sense why prospects might tune away from your pitch – with the highs of mobile productivity comes the lows of information overload.

So how do you make your pitch count? How do you make it resonate?

Well, they say all good things come with a little hard work – truly understanding the complex multitude of pain points that our prospects face everyday. My tried and true trick is to know more pain points than the prospect.

As sales professionals, our job is to provide a solution – a product – that revolutionizes the way a prospect runs their business. Therefore, we need to know everything that is broken so we can effectively narrate the solutions.

Let’s take paper for example. A common industry woe, paper-based workflows plague results and time management. But if I need to tap into our prospect’s frazzled state of mind, I call upon a few resources to season my opening line.

Social Chatter

Now, you might have guessed it, and you’re right that Twitter and social media are excellent resources to sample how prospects feel about their industry headaches. If you sell a mobile platform, search for tweets about mobile’s polar opposite or about mobile itself. What are the trending terms?  What barriers to adoption are being faced?  ?

Take note of the language from desired prospects: mimic this when you get ahold of them.

Show that you’re well aware of their challenges in order to prove that your phone call or e-mail is worth their time.

Show Me The Value

To the above point, sometimes prospects are so bogged down with one challenge, they didn’t realize the extent of their challenges and just how useful your product will be for them. Keeping with the theme of due diligence, you need to know where they can gain a competitive advantage via your product. You start with their key gripes and extrapolate the entire pipeline of challenges that your product is perfect to sort out. That extra work goes a long way in proving to your prospects that you’re indeed an industry expert and resource.

With trust gained, they’ll listen and once they listen, you’ve got your opportunity to show how to honor their trust with your solutions that go above and beyond the common pain points they suffer.

Follow Up

This harks back to Sales 101, but following up and driving the conversation is fundamental. Sure you can nail the sale, but don’t just disappear. Ask them how they’re doing and if they need help…go above and beyond to help. No one wants a 1-hit wonder, so keep the hits coming by always serving as their trusted point of contact.  Each time you speak with a customer or prospect, always suggest a solution that will help streamline their business and deliver efficiencies.

At the end of the day, we’re not just leaders in sales but also leaders in customer service. Those are just my personal tips on how to stand out both within your company and within your product’s industry.

But let’s use this as a jumping off point for more conversations: Do you have any key tips for gaining trust and building relationships with prospects and customer?

Share your winning advice in the comments below.