Wiring your business for Digital success isn’t just a marketing tag line.

It’s good practice.

Switch on your news feeds and you’re eyes deep in posts about Working Smarter.

True, as business professionals, we’re always out to innovate, for our impact to transcend the trends.

Here’s one for the ages: Cut out the bulky (paper) processes that put customer and employees last.

True, paper gets a rough reputation, but with our current business reality where we need to jump to A to Z faster than the competition, we can’t afford to keep company with the outdated material.

Enter digital business – a 100% fully digital business. Much like the instantaneous accessibility of digital and mobile platforms, digital business prioritizes customer and employee first. Here’s how it happens:

  1. Automated Compliance and Risk Management

Consider use cases in healthcare that are already process thick and risk heavy. For example, digital platforms would churn out updated Business Associate Agreements (BAAs), so healthcare providers can wipe off the stress of being out of HIPAA compliance, which is a messy place to be.


  1. Contracts should be ‘Click and Go,’ Not a Saga

Sales organizations and companies in the B2B space can’t afford the week and month-long lapses in executing agreements and contracts. That simply doesn’t add up in 2014 and beyond. By digitizing paper-laden processes, like HR (on-boarding) and general contract execution, business can breathe and grow since document turnaround shortens to hours and days.


  1. Streamline for Internal Happiness

Part and parcel of digital business is integrating platforms. We’re all a community here to support each other’s growth, which is why you see DocuSign integrating with Office365 and Salesforce – to bring everyone a seamless experience.  Such a business strategy that focuses on the experience is the new way to gain loyalty both with customers and employees.

In fact, a major oil company shared that they implemented digital tools, like DocuSign, to enhance their employees’ experiences. More than ROI, they valued their employees’ happiness and productivity and ‘digital’ delivered on that promise.


On a personal note, I’ve enhanced my own life through digital tools. For example, I can sign onto tools, like DocuSign for Mobile, with my accountant or real estate agent to get things done. If my family needs to share input, well, they’re a click away from joining into the transaction or workflow. We’re all linked through digital and mobile tools for the sake of honoring each other’s time and talents.

Digital is growth and without that, we’ve no future. Let’s wire up and make both our business and personal futures bright.