Following on from the webinar I ran this week on accelerating business growth, I’ve outlined some key takeaways below that illustrate the ways in which electronic signature can facilitate growth:
1. Accelerate contracts and approvals 
eSignatures can accelerate your sales cycle to help you win more deals. You can go from start to signed contract in days, even minutes in some cases, instead of weeks and months. For example, in sales use case deployments, on average customers see an 8-day reduction in document turnaround time and a £9.96 per document savings. 86% of documents are completed within 1 day—many within an hour. So your sales reps can spend more time selling and less time chasing paperwork. Whether you do business in person, over the phone or online, eSignatures can help grow your business.
2. Streamline business processes 
Every industry faces high printing, faxing, and posting costs; lack of visibility into document status; and delays from missing signatures and incomplete documents. eSignatures easily solve these problems. Set up reusable templates so everyone in your company will access the most up-to-date documents and transaction procedures. Central document storage and reporting make it easy to keep tabs on everything going on. Streamline common tasks such as approving invoices and purchase orders, hiring employees and contractors, and more.
3. Ensure compliance and control
Every document has a readily accessible digital audit trail to allow documenting compliance for industry laws and regulations fast and easy. DocuSign is the only eSignature provider to be xDTM, ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 certified and tested internationally, across the entire company and its data centers – meeting and exceeding the most stringent US, EU, and global security standards.
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Philip Lelliott is an Account Executive at DocuSign. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.