Under normal circumstances, my team and I are on the same page when we talk about goals, but during the past month I’m not sure if this has always been the case! With the curtains now drawn on arguably the best World Cup in the modern era, business managers around the world will be focused on getting their teams back on track. But here at DocuSign, we implemented a few key strategies during the tournament with the aim of boosting employee engagement and building company culture, rather than watching our productivity drop as was predicted.
Here are a few simple guidelines that your company can utilise to embrace the spirit of these occasions in order to boost productivity and morale:
  • Watch the event together allow staff to swap shifts or take a break during match times to watch games together in the conference room. People will find a way to watch their favourite sides regardless, so you might as well offer them the opportunity to do so as a collective and build relationships.
  • Offer game-day activities – positively channel office excitement by running an office pool to involve non-sports fans and provide match-day snacks. Occasions like this can provide a connection for colleagues from different teams or departments who might not normally interact with one another. Think of it as a cheap and cheerful team building exercise.
  • Provide tools for flexible work and collaboration – empower your team to work independently and collaborate effectively with access to technology from the likes of DocuSign, Box, Microsoft and Salesforce. This way they are able to maximise productivity and stay connected with their teams, no matter where they are.
  • Restructure the working day allow employees to come in a little later or finish sooner so they’re more productive while in the office, and then agree when this time can be made up. Permitting your team to experience the event will enrich their job satisfaction by showing that you value them, making personnel happier, more dedicated and more productive at work.
With the new rights around flexible working hours now in place, testing new patterns during major sporting events like the World Cup can set a precedent for other such as Wimbledon, the Rugby World Cup, the Olympics and so on. Of course, clearly define what you envisage from your workforce in terms of attendance and performance. Check to see if the flexible schedules are working: how well is the team working collectively, are they able to still hit targets, and is everybody capable of preserving their quality of work? The likelihood is that employees will appreciate the new privilege, which will display in their work. After all, productivity is more than just pushing out work hours.
Fortunately, there is a range of cloud-based resources that permit you to do so without having any effect on performance. Meaning that your customers continue to receive the same level of service even during those patriotic summer afternoons. I like to think if I can provide the right tools and the right team culture, we can focus on these special events and being a productive business at the same time.