Tax season is upon us! Since January 20th is the first day to file, it’s time to start thinking about your tax return. With crunch time still a few months away, it’s the perfect time to enlist the help of a tax professional that can help you file quickly and easily.

Second only to the expertise of professional tax preparers is the technology that allows them to manage their work. New tools like Intuit eSignature powered by DocuSign make it possible for you to send and sign important tax documents within minutes – not days! This saves valuable time for everyone: you and your accountant.

Ask your accountant if they use Intuit today! Here are our top 5 reasons why eSignature technology is making tax prep more efficient than ever and shaking up the tax world:

  1. Guaranteed compliance – It’s 100% compliant with new IRS regulations.

Intuit eSignature makes compliance easy! The DocuSign-powered tool aligns perfectly with new regulations issued by the IRS in March of last year for Forms 8878 and 8879.

In short, tax pros are now fully authorized to file on behalf of their clients after obtaining secure eSignatures. Specifically, Intuit eSignature verifies the identity of the signer using authentication and secures all documents with 256-bit SSL encryption. Not to mention, DocuSign offers a complete audit trail so every touchpoint in the transaction is legally binding.


  1. No more chasing paper and PDF’s – Tax professionals save valuable time.

eSignatures reduce cycle time so tax preparers can get returns to their clients more quickly. No need to chase down ink signatures, faxes or signed-and-uploaded PDF’s. A few clicks are all it takes to send out a form for signing. Once that’s done, administrative tracking makes it easy to view the progress of documents. DocuSign even sends out “tickler” emails to remind clients to sign.

  1. Work from anywhere – Cloud-based workflows deliver faster returns.

As in every industry, the cloud is driving new efficiencies in tax preparation. The end result is it takes less time to file returns. Furthermore, preparers can work remotely without needing to meet face-to-face with clients. Tax preparers can work securely across teams, process more returns, and spend less time handling manual documents.

  1. Ease of use – Clients can sign anywhere, on any device.

eSignatures delight clients by allowing them to complete the last step of filing wherever they are in just a few clicks. DocuSign works equally well on a desktop as it does on mobile. When a tax client can authorize on the beach with their phone in hand, on the beach, it’s a win-win for everyone!

Click here to learn more about Intuit eSignature Powered by DocuSign for Intuit Tax Online, Intuit Lacerte, and Intuit ProSeries. Click here to see it in action.