Gavin Kogan caters to the people. With a thriving practice where he advocates for Cannabis law, Gavin and his fellow legal practitioners at L+G, LLP evangelize digital tools as the key in providing exemplary client service.

An active advocate for digital tools, Gavin sat down with us to explain why digital tools automate and feed business growth. Without doubt, his walk in the ‘Cloud’ reintroduces the notion of adding value to both your practice and your clients.

What made you decide to use DocuSign?

As an attorney I’ve had my eye on electronic signature conventions since UCITA in the 90s because obtaining ink signatures on multi-party deals or foreign transactions is cumbersome. We knew it then, but it’s taken some time for the technology to mature to acceptable standards, particularly for the legal practice.

But when clients enter into the fold, digital signatures and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platforms enable us to treat each client with focused attention that paper would otherwise compromise. As legal practices require several clients to drive business revenue, keeping all files digital is a boon to any attorney. Imagine thumbing through the sheer number of papers to find the exact document pertaining to a motion or trial.

Neither attorneys nor clients need that hassle especially considering the sensitive nature of the work. Even my administrative staff benefit from digital files. With a single click, they can track client in-take and retention agreements.

Overall, a growing practice hinges on the ability to swiftly conduct business to satisfy clients – digital business is the sole way forward.

How do you imagine/ envision DocuSign impacting the future of the legal profession?

Simply put, DocuSign is a great marketing tool. It shows consumers that your firm is not scared of using new technology to improve client experience. Lawyers are notoriously the last to the party. In that regard, the logic of using DocuSign is similar the logic firms considered when shifting from Word Perfect to Word – it’s all about client experience.

What is critical is that I’m being retained in different communities all over the state and I meet with them via video chat and we work through issues on secure lines. But when someone is traveling or outside of your immediate jurisdiction, Digital Transaction Management (DTM) does away with the need to chase down a wet ‘original’ signature.

It allows me to work with clients effectively and without administrative gymnastics.

Ultimately, this changes the landscape for law firms since locality is a relative moot point. I can represent people and advocate for issues all over California with DTM. This makes for a truly efficient process. As the legal industry is a locality driven business, DTM and eSignature will revolutionize the way legal practitioners operate.

Can you share a story about how DocuSign made a positive impact on your clients or your business?

Most immediately it expedites my client intake process so I can proceed with meeting client demands immediately – and they really appreciate that responsiveness. It not only allows us to easily handle distance intake – it’s also been great in improving our corporate formation process. On flat rate work, product throughput is critical to maximize profit.

How does DocuSign help make your team more productive?

Since client retention is more immediate, there is less limbo from intake to commencement of work process. Little is more frustrating than waiting on an ink signature to a fee agreement from a traveling client who is able to pay the retainer immediately with electronic funds. DocuSign solves that problem quickly – especially since retention documents can be executed by phone or tablet. Speeding up intake makes us look great and helps us more effectively track workflow.  

What would attorneys you work with need from digital tools to add value to their casework?

Uniform acceptance of e-signatures from all government agencies would be fantastic. The Federal Courts consolidating their e-filing from district to district to Nationwide would really be an advantage. What attorneys need is confidence in using those tools.

Could you please describe your firm's stance on digital tools? Are you currently leveraging any digital tools in case management, discovery, regulatory filing or in court? 

We have a fully digital office. We use digital billing, case management and document management tools presently. I have been using the federal court’s electronic filing system for years and wish state courts would come on board.

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About Gavin Kogan

Gavin has over 15 years of experience representing start-ups in emerging industries from high-tech to green building concerns and cannabis businesses. He is valued by his clients for being responsive to their individual needs and providing valuable guidance and creative counsel in challenging circumstances.

Unlike most business attorneys, Gavin is also an experienced commercial dispute litigator and brings his years of courtroom battle experience to bear on practical business solutions to complex conflicts. He recognizes that business is inherently risky and sees his job as helping business owners evaluate those risks so they can navigate their way to success. 

Gavin is excited to represent cannabis start-ups and going concerns because of the unique challenges they presently face in a dynamically shifting legal environment. He believes the entrepreneurial energy in the industry coupled with smart regulation and tax revenue opportunities will help bring an end to the decades of imprisonment, violence and economic waste wrought by fear based public policy.

Gavin has committed to donating 1% of his profits equally to NORML, the Marijuana Policy Project and Americans for Sensible Access. He is admitted to practice in all California state courts, all Federal District and Bankruptcy Courts in the state of California and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. .