An Interview with Nicole Beauchamp, Real Estate specialist at Engel & Volkers NYC

Realtors: I ask you to compare the real estate landscape in 1991 during the first real estate boom to your current reality. You may no longer be bound to your beeper, but are you truly in sync with the 21st century digital beat?

Recently, we had the privilege of speaking to Nicole Beauchamp, a New York City-based real estate specialist at Engel & Volkers NYC with 10 years of experience. She is “always at your service” thanks in part to her digital and mobile tool kit.

Why is Digital Transaction Management (DTM) essential to your real estate business?

My goal is to make every process simpler for all parties involved. In real estate, there should be no reason to keep trudging along with a paper-based system (that results in headaches and unhappy customers).

For example, DTM allows me to create and post listings in an easy and efficient process. No longer do I dance around a time or location crunch when managing listings. Moreover DTM never infringes upon my clients’ schedules because a paper-free system streamlines all workflows.

What are the immediate benefits from DTM?

Flexibility and responsiveness drive the success of my business. I still have to print documents for certain clients, however for more clients are asking for digital processes.  Today everyone is busy and it can be difficult to find spare stretches of time to sign paper forms. A DTM workflow frees my clients to sign whenever, wherever. This inherent flexibility restores sanity and control to all parties. Purchasing a property returns to the “acquisition of a dream home” instead of a messy and time-consuming paper nightmare.

Could you share a comparison to life before and after DTM?

I recall a personal experience two years ago when I was invited to speak at the Inman Conference. All I needed to do was fill out a form and send it for confirmation. Unfortunately, this involved printing, which created a pain point. Flash forward to just recently when I was invited again. This time I simply DocuSigned the forms while walking to an appointment. 

As mobile platforms become more vital, how do you integrate mobile into your business?

Approximately 90% of the time I run my life and business either on my iPads or iPhone. The device must render the documents accordingly manually resizing documents on smartphones proves to be an unwanted burden.

I’m even happier to say that DocuSign’s mobile app is a breeze when accessing documents. Whether it’s an iPad or iPhone, I can send, receive or sign documents and even attach PDFs. No more emails with attachments to print, scan and email back. DTM ensures that clients have everything at their fingertips.

On another note, mobile is essential for optimal responsiveness. If I need to close a deal, I can easily notify the client and close the loop on all paperwork – all from the same device! One step and everyone is happy!

With 10 years of solid experience, what are the hallmarks of a successful, modern Realtor?

Ultimately, it’s all about communication and service. You have to know your clients inside and out and adapt to their needs.  As mobile platforms ensure that my business travels with me, I recommend setting expectations with your clients.

  • Clear communications with clients – Work with clients to set up a reasonable and realistic rhythm for transactions.
  • Don’t be rigid – For example, if you have a client in a different country or time zone, you may need to be ready for your mobile device to come alive outside of “normal” hours.

To close, do you have any last musings about DTM and mobile in your real estate practice?

DTM gives us freedom to run our business from any device, from anywhere for our clients. For realtors, liberation is when we are free to design our own systems with clients. Neither party is bound to a location or the taxing back and forth of wasteful paper. In order to close business, we need only tap our phone or click our mouse and the deal is done. Everyone’s dream is now a reality.

Thank you so much, Nicole for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences about DTM, mobile and DocuSign.

Nicole is abuzz on social media and cannot wait to connect with you on  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Visit her website at