Time flies.

Only twelve months ago, we were gearing up for MOMENTUM 2014 way back when the digital beat was all about that #eSignature and getting all your docs in a #DTM (Digital Transaction Management).

Good times…are here to roll again (hint, #DSM15)

#DSM14 went down in the books as the event that set the tone for businesses, no matter the industry: If you had a document out for signature, why not save time and funds by taking the digital route.

Sure some say, ‘easier said than done,’ but #DSM14 taught it us that the digital route is actually pretty darn easy.

Not only that, we met some pretty cool people. So many connections were made and even more innovative ideas spewed from break-out session in the Westin St. Francis.

Pretty sure people had their mobile devices set to ‘record’ so they won’t forget the little details and side conversations that would later fuel their own creative ideas for meatier business ROI!

And the speakers…if anything, we’re excited to rev up our three-day speaker circuit to tap into the digital disrupters carving out our businesses’ near future.

Who could forget Roxanne Joyal, CEO at Me to We showing us how keeping digital let’s us give back. A little step for digital business equals a significant leap for humanitarian development and aid for the world’s most vulnerable children.

And what about Mary Meeker laying the foundation for Internet of Things (IoT – e.g. the term you know see hanging from many a blog around Interwebs)?

But that was just #DSM14. We’ve had twelve months of spreading the DTM promise and you’ve had twelve months to knock out some amazing digital successes.

Come March 10th -12th, we’re cranking up the notch for #DSM15 to showcase the fresh and innovative trends that will take your digital business to the next level. Think Cloud v.ReadyForDisruption.

It’s going to be good, so why wait on saving your spot? Register today for the event of the digital season here.

We’re looking forward to connecting with you in San Francisco.

The countdown is officially on!