By Adrian Wicks, Director of Marketing, APAC, DocuSign

DocuSign is working with Australia’s largest banks to help streamline and digitise the time-consuming and paper-intensive home loan process, which currently can take three to four weeks before they are finally stamped with approval.

Our vision is for same-day home loans to become a reality in Australia, much like it already is for home-buyers in the United States. The technology exists today – it’s now simply a case of getting it into market.

I recently spoke with about how the speed and efficiency that comes with being able to offer same-day home loans can be a major competitive advantage for Australian and New Zealand lenders.

Banks and lenders have realised that in order to differentiate themselves from competitors and stay ahead of the curve, they need to be constantly looking at new ways to digitise time-consuming processes for their customers. One of the ways to do this is by partnering with DocuSign.

If your business needs help eliminating paper and digitising outmoded processes, then give us a call on 1-800-255-982.