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Quick Tip Tuesday: Adopting Multiple Signatures, Why?

DocuSign offers a feature that allows you to adopt multiple signature types. This way you can have a signature that reflects your legal name with your middle initial, your hyphenated name, or your drawn signature…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: Last Minute Taxes

To all of the procrastinators: Never fear, DocuSign is here. Previously, we showed you how to upload tax documents. Let’s now look at adding tags and ancillary documents. If you are sending your document to…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: DocuSign your Taxes

Ready for tax season? DocuSign can help you with your forms to prevent busywork. Downloading your tax forms: http://www.irs.gov/Filing Most tax forms are located on the IRS website. Download your needed form(s) and save it…
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Classic Quick Tip – Managing E-Mail Notifications

Have you ever wondered how to be notified every time someone signs or updates the document(s) you send out for signature? Here’s how to turn on or off any notification when your documents are updated…
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Classic Quick Tip: Check-boxes vs. Radio Buttons

Check Boxes vs. Radio Buttons: Which one do I use? Sometimes you might look at radio buttons and check boxes and wonder when they should be used and which option is appropriate for your documents.  Use check…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: Changing Your DocuSign Email Address

Have you changed your email address recently? Click on your preferences section in DocuSign to be sure everything matches up. Messages sent from your account will now be routed to your new email address. ​If…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: Language Settings in your DocuSign Account

Working globally can be challenging, especially with multi-lingual users. Fortunately, DocuSign has streamlined the globalization process by allowing users to select default languages for their account. Each user may select the language they wish to do business in on their account.  Note:…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: Recipients Adding Additional Signers

It's easy to send documents to multiple signers, but what about more complex signing processes? If you're ready to take your sending to the next level, it's time to learn about Agent Managed Envelopes. There…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: Transferring Document Tags

Have you ever run into a situation where you need to change the recipient of a document but don’t want to re-tag all of their signature options? DocuSign offers a copy-tag feature that allows you…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: Template Role Shortcuts

Templates are great tools to expedite the sending process within DocuSign. In addition to the benefits of reusability, templates also offer some special role names that allow for automatic population when users are entering their…
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