By Mike Smith – Solution Engineer, DocuSign Australia

I am excited to announce that the latest DocuSign release is here and it is packed with lots of exciting new features and enhancements.  Over the past few months we have worked hard to deliver to you the DocuSign Fall ‘17 Release. Not only is it filled with customer asks but we also continue to invest in providing exceptional user experience, empowering key industries and being responsive to our customers and partners.

Here are my favourite picks for our APAC Customers:

Native IOS SDK updates – Send and Sign – No internet needed

DocuSign offers a fully native SDK for IOS allowing developers to embed DocuSign functionality seamlessly into mobile applications for iPhones and iPads.  With the latest 2.0 release of the SDK you can now add offline signing via templates to your own applications.  In many parts of the world internet access can be intermittent or non-existent, but that’s no longer a problem for DocuSign customers and partners.

Offline support is already available in DocuSign’s own IOS mobile application and now your own applications can capture signatures even when there is no internet.  You can pre-fill documents with data from your application to make it a great user experience.

With SDK 2.0 you have even better UI customisation allowing you to customise button colours and borders to provide a consistent look and feel for your app.

Better Collaboration through Comments

Many times your customers or colleagues will have questions or comments when they receive documents for signing or approval.  Although it’s easy for a signer to email the sender from the signing email it means that some of the collaboration might be outside of the secure DocuSign audit trail.

The new Comments feature available in October allows signers and sender to quickly communicate using comments within DocuSign on both web and mobile.  Comments are shown alongside the relevant part of the document and enable recipients to quickly and easily comment and ask questions.  Users receive notifications so they know when they need to respond.

You can even control who has visibility of particular comments making them public or private.  Comments are securely encrypted just like your documents and data.  Comments will initially be available for customers using DocuSign’s North American data centres with Europe to follow.

Authorise your payments

DocuSign Payments has proved very popular with our customers and partners.  Getting documents signed and payment at the same time is great for companies and their customers.  In addition to using Stripe as a payment gateway, DocuSign Payments customers in Australia can now use as your preferred gateway.  So now you have more choices when it comes to a simple and seamless payments solution.

New DocuSign Experience

The New DocuSign Experience should be available as an option for all customers by the end of September.  If you are still using Classic, then you should see the Switch to New button appear at the top of your screen.  New has many features that aren’t available in Classic including payments, supplemental documents and more.  If you haven’t yet made the switch, now is a great time to start learning the New DocuSign Experience.

To keep up to date with all our features and fixes, check out the Release notes online.