Did you know that there are certain new models of Chevrolet automobiles equipped with 4G LTE?

Guess digital is in our societal DNA if we’re now able to (safely) hop onto a web conference call from our laptops while on the road.

Can you believe how fast we’ve jumped into our digital era? In the past two years alone, we’ve transitioned to a fully digital lifestyle at a hyper speed rate.

Once a short while ago, the Cloud was this cyber magic concept and now it’s a standard, especially for global businesses. Don’t get started on mobile – nowadays, it’s no app…no business.

So why the mad rush? It’s hardly a secret that life can be tough and business even knottier. Today, we’re doing it all — work, friends, family, and life – so we need tools and platforms that let us thrive in all areas.

Let’s focus on one area that causes a few stress knots for many – paper.

Here’s a super simple example: rifling through a notebook to find the exact page you need. Major time drain and now you’re ready for a longer mental refresh break instead of a productivity fest.

Or loosing that major contract someone faxed to you for immediate signature. There goes that major transaction that could have been your breakout moment.

Paper = Time Lost + Money Wasted + Resources drained 

Honestly, paper-based processes just don’t belong in today’s world. If our cars are starting to be equipped with 4G, then paper should kindly bow out, especially from business.

What’s next?

Enter Digital Transaction Management.

More than a platform to keep workflows and documents organized, secure and transparent, when you transact digitally, you keep your business healthy.

If you’re defining DTM to yourself, just think secure and seamless collaboration.

It’s all about giving you ownership and access to your vital documents and transactions whenever and wherever you need them. You control who sees and who can eSign. You rest assured that all is secure within the ironclad measures of bank-class security.

No matter with whom you’re engaging, you’re all unified in building your business versus drowning in backlog admin.

And if it’s worth anything, you’re free to ceremoniously (or unceremoniously) do away with that devil trifecta of a fax machine, scanner and printer. The transactions that sum up your life’s passion are now all digital and always available in Cloud and on mobile devices. Less stress, more ROI…that’s why we’re managing our lives, businesses and transactions digitally.

If you’ll take anything from the post, it’s this: digital keeps everything in motion.

And it’s only getting started.

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