The DocuCommunity stormed downtown San Francisco in the name of accelerating digital transformations.

Day 2 was crazy amazing with customers sharing best practices and partners leading keynote discussions and breakout sessions. But regardless of the speaker or session, everything anchored on a trio of values:

Impact            Vision              Value

On Impact

CEO Keith Krach set this direction in his opening keynote speech. Among many inspiring stories, we learned how business like SAP and Special Olympics leverage digital transactions to dramatically boost positive impact on their customers.

And speaking of impact, how exciting is DocuSign Impact. Keith spoke about Character In Action. This starts with enabling any non-profit organization to re-invest saved time, money and resources right back into their causes.

On Vision

COO Gordon Payne calls the masses to digital action with the paperless pledge. An electrified audience pledged to digitally enabling their communities and businesses.

And who doesn’t love this vision! 

Big smiles swept the crowded hall.

Continuing with Vision

CMO Brad Brooks opened our eyes to the digital future.

From Solar City…

…to Accenture’s Global MD Saideep Raj sharing the five key trends that will influence digital businesses in 2015:

  1. The Internet of MeThink wearable technology
  2. The Outcome EconomyThink stronger focus on customer outcome services
  3. Platform RevolutionLeveraging platforms to move business at the digital
  4. Intelligent Enterprise New net services based on data and analytics
  5. Workforce ReimaginedWhere the creativity is harnessed from humans to innovations of machines

On Value

One of the most emotional and inspiring came from Noah Broadwater, CTO at the Special Olympics.

Sure, he’s able to save the Special Olympics time and money by DocuSigning, but he more importantly brings athletes’ joy and stops heartache.

In fact, that’s his personal success metric: giving joy.

Many don’t realize that every athlete needs to have a medical waiver and participation form completed and signed before they can participate in the sport of their choice.

In serving 170 countries with 260 program offices, they managed these documents via paper; they organized them via binders. There’s not a whole lot of value in dragging around a binder stuffed with various medical waivers and release forms. An entire day can be lost in searching or processing a single document.

How does that bring anyone, least of all the athlete, any joy?

It’s a privilege for DocuSign to enable the Special Olympics’ digital transformation. We’re even more proud to announce a sponsorship to continue crushing paper-based obstacles in athletes’ lives around the world.

Now anyone can DocuSign a release anywhere and jump into the games at anytime.

The joy in athletes’ eyes: That’s true value.

Well that was quite a spectacular day – and that was just the keynotes alone!

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Happy MOMENTUM 2015!

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