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Our office workers have spoken: the rise of the home enterprise

This year will go down in history as the one in which COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the world. The one in which central business districts stood still, and entire cities shut down. Despite the swift…
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Regional revolution: Could remote work transform regional Australia?

There’s no doubt that the global pandemic is going to reshape the way we live and work forever. As we start to see what the Future of Work holds for us, then could we see…
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3 reasons why procurement teams are embracing a paperless future

Procurement departments in larger organisations deal with hundreds of documents on a daily basis. Service level agreements, software licensing agreements, purchase orders, vendor contracts… the list goes on. It wasn’t that long ago that all…
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Momentum Live APAC 2020: The post-COVID-19 world and its impact on digital transformation

Technology has played an enormous role in our lives this year. More than ever, people have become aware of just how important things like a good Internet connection and a smart device are. At home,…
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Momentum Live APAC 2020: The role that DocuSign plays in supporting remote work

A word that has popped up a lot in recent weeks is ‘pivot’. People and companies are pivoting left, right and centre, quickly adapting their modus operandi to suit the constraints imposed by COVID-19. At…
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Momentum Live APAC 2020: How three companies are supporting employees during lockdown

Every company is tackling the challenge of remote work in their own way. Some are firing up the Friday arvo quiz to promote team bonding, others are embracing SaaS tools to help employees work from…
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The evolution of legal processes

How far has the Australian legal profession come in terms of new technologies and processes? What are the challenges getting in the way of adoption of new technologies? And which technologies are proving most popular…
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Turbo-charge your sales team with automated agreements

As the beating heart of the organisation, the sales team shoulders a big burden. It’s their responsibility to nurture the relationships and sign the contracts that keep business moving forward. Anything that holds them back…
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Make people your priority, not paperwork

HR peeps, 2020 is your year to shine. As new research from Forrester shows, there’s a huge opportunity to improve processes and free up time so you can focus on what really matters: your people….
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Every business has a system of agreement, even if they don’t know it

From a basic quote to replace your air conditioner to a 500-page tender to manage major roadworks, business agreements come in all shapes and sizes. And every business, big and small, relies on these systems…
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