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Why eSignatures are only the start when it comes to cloud agreements

Digital workplaces have made business processes slicker and faster. This includes being able to communicate and collaborate in real-time, from even the remotest of locations. It also includes cloud agreements. From this advanced connectivity and…
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Why eSignatures are the secret to business efficiency

Some things in life – like a heartfelt letter from a distant friend – deserve their place in the pen-and-paper world. Other things – like business agreements, sales contracts and employee onboarding forms – don’t….
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How to create a culture where small changes lead to big impact

If there’s one thing we know for certain in business, it’s this: change is constant. Whether it’s the death of old technologies (anyone remembers the fax machine?) or the relegation of things you might have…
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When is it time to modernise your systems of agreement?

Manual agreements are costing businesses valuable time and money. They can even have a negative effect on customer relationships. ‘The State of Systems of Agreement 2019’, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf…
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Digitised agreements are low-hanging fruit for improved CX

Businesses should invest in boosting their customer experience (CX), and the way to do this is with digitised agreements. Improving CX is the top initiative for businesses in 2019, according to a recent commissioned study…
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3 Takeaways from Forrester Consulting’s The State of Systems of Agreement Study, 2019

Agreements are key to the moments that matter, whether you are opening a bank account, accepting a job offer, applying for a building permit, or buying a new home. In today’s on-demand economy, customer expectations…
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11 ways that going mobile can boost your bottom line

Mobile workers are everywhere. At beachside bars in the tropics, tapping away at their laptops. In coworking spaces, perched on stools. In home offices and local cafes, busily liaising with co-workers on the other side…
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The case for making your agreements digital

Every company has a system of agreement, whether they know it or not. In fact, without one, business as we know it would quickly grind to a halt. If you can’t get a timely signature…
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Acceleration point: Taking the brakes off digital transformation without breaking IT

With 85% of people demanding that organisations offer digital methods of signing agreements and purchasing products, there has never been a better time to take the breaks off your digital transformation strategy. Question is, how…
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How to empower employees to do the work of their lives, every day

Organisations are going all in on employee experience. A survey by Future Workplace found 83 percent of HR leaders believe that the employee experience is the key to their organisation’s success. Investing in modern technology…
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