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New report reveals room for improvement in contract management

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) can be a pain. With documents flying here, there and everywhere, things can get messy. Yet it’s not something you can file in the too-hard basket – after all, contracts make…
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Get those important documents out, fast, with DocuSign’s Bulk Send feature

By Vidya Narayanan, Sr. Technical Program Manager – DocuSign at DocuSign This is the fourth article in our DocuSign@DocuSign series, which explores the ways we use our own products and features to run the DocuSign…
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How to be more productive with this DocuSign + Microsoft integration

What happens when you pair the productivity powerhouse that is Microsoft with everyone’s favourite electronic signature solution? You get a truly seamless signing experience that adds immense value to common business workflows. Let’s take a…
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How to add an electronic signature to Microsoft Word

With more than 1.2 billion Microsoft Office users worldwide, there’s a very good chance that your customers, suppliers and partners are using tools like Microsoft Word every day. So it makes sense to bring your…
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Make people your priority, not paperwork

HR peeps, 2020 is your year to shine. As new research from Forrester shows, there’s a huge opportunity to improve processes and free up time so you can focus on what really matters: your people….
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Every business has a system of agreement, even if they don’t know it

From a basic quote to replace your air conditioner to a 500-page tender to manage major roadworks, business agreements come in all shapes and sizes. And every business, big and small, relies on these systems…
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How DocuSign helps you stand up in a court of law

DocuSign proudly sets a gold standard for world-class legal protection, meeting the rigorous requirements of many legal systems around the world. Want to know how? First, we have rock-solid digital technology DocuSign’s eSignature technology comes…
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How creative can an eSignature be?

Ever had to sign for a parcel? If so, you know the drill – you awkwardly hold the parcel under one arm, the delivery person holds out their hand-held device with its tiny pen-on-a-string, and…
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Top 10 tips for choosing an eSignature solution

Not all eSignature solutions are created equal. Before you invest in a solution, it’s important to assess its features and functionality to make sure it’s a suitable fit for your business. With the right solution…
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9 common questions about eSignatures

By Adam Maloney, Head of Customer Strategy and Solutions Engineering, DocuSign APAC The DocuSign team is constantly out and about, talking to businesses about how eSignatures can deliver huge time and cost savings. Here are…
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