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How to make your onboarding process more secure

Across industries and across the globe, human resources departments are under pressure to digitise their processes. In many organisations, one of the main areas that could really do with some digital love is the employee…
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Empower your sales teams to seal the deal, wherever they are

Your sales team may not be able to seal deals with a handshake right now. But they can get contracts signed, sealed, and delivered using a range of online tools that are geared for sales…
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Onboarding woes? How to simplify the process using digital tools

Let’s face it. The employee onboarding process is anything but simple. Forms to fill out, contracts to sign, security cards to allocate … the list goes on. All this paper-pushing can become incredibly cumbersome and…
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Motivation station: Tips to help you do your best work from home

Have you settled into the groove of working from home? Or are you finding that distractions (like baking the perfect cinnamon scroll) are getting in the way of your work? We’re here to help with…
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Getting to know the advanced features of DocuSign templates

By Vidya Narayanan, Sr. Technical Program Manager – DocuSign at DocuSign This is the fifth article in our DocuSign@DocuSign series, which explores the ways we use our own products and features to run the DocuSign…
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How to add an electronic signature to Microsoft Word

With more than 1.2 billion Microsoft Office users worldwide, there’s a very good chance that your customers, suppliers and partners are using tools like Microsoft Word every day. So it makes sense to bring your…
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Empower your employees at work and beyond

With more people working from home than ever before, how do you maintain employee morale? How do you keep the collective chin up, and make sure that every employee still feels supported? These are big…
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Hard to get to work? Electronic signatures to the rescue

From public transport strikes to global pandemics, things sometimes get in the way of getting to work. If you can’t get into the office, how do you maintain productivity? How do you make sure that…
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5 tips to help your team become better remote workers

In uncertain times, many workplaces are asking employees to work remotely. If your boss told you tomorrow that you’d have to work from home for the next fortnight or more, how would you cope? Here…
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Every business has a system of agreement, even if they don’t know it

From a basic quote to replace your air conditioner to a 500-page tender to manage major roadworks, business agreements come in all shapes and sizes. And every business, big and small, relies on these systems…
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