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5 Ways going paperless is good for the environment

Green is the new black. In fact, it has been the new black for a while, with environmentally responsible companies the world over looking for cost-effective, high-impact ways to become more environmentally friendly. Every year…
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4 tips to transform your end-of-quarter sales process by going paperless

By Marcel Pitt – VP of Commercial Sales, DocuSign. In today’s tough economic conditions, it can be hard for large sales organisations to meet monthly and quarterly targets. Competition is fierce; and customers’ purse-strings are…
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3 ways SMBs can go paperless at End of Financial Year

By Luke Hamman – Head of SMB, DocuSign Australia The end of the financial year can be a real headache for small business owners. You wear so many hats as it is – add the…
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Unlock your small businesses true potential by removing paper

By Matt Old, Director of Commercial Sales, DocuSign, Australia and New Zealand Australian small businesses are the engine room of this economy. They employ around 4.5 million people and produce over $330billion of our nation’s…
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Waste less paper, time and money with DocuSign

By Brad Newton, vice president, Australia and New Zealand, DocuSign According to Clean Up Australia, Australian’s are consuming on average 3,672,000 tonnes of paper between per year, with only a 45 per cent recycling rate….
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Quick Tip Tuesday: Adopting Multiple Signatures, Why?

DocuSign offers a feature that allows you to adopt multiple signature types. This way you can have a signature that reflects your legal name with your middle initial, your hyphenated name, or your drawn signature…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: Last Minute Taxes

To all of the procrastinators: Never fear, DocuSign is here. Previously, we showed you how to upload tax documents. Let’s now look at adding tags and ancillary documents. If you are sending your document to…
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