Check Boxes vs. Radio Buttons: Which one do I use?

Sometimes you might look at radio buttons and check boxes and wonder when they should be used and which option is appropriate for your documents. 

  • Use check boxes in situations where a recipient can select zero or more options from a list.
  • Use radio buttons in situations where a recipient can only select one option from a list.

One may place both check boxes and radio buttons in the same document, keep in mind that check boxes can be placed individually or in groups, whereas radio buttons should only be placed in groups so that they relate to each other's settings, i.e., if one radio button is selected the other will be de-selected. 

The New DocuSign Experience will prompt you for your button group name to keep track of each setting.

In this example, one would want to choose checkboxes for the first question and radio buttons for the second so that a user could not select Yes and No for their payment option. As long as the group name of the radio buttons is the same this cannot happen. 

The Classic DocuSign Experience requires a user to click the gear icon next to the tag and then apply a Group name to the field settings. One may also highlight a section of tags to apply the group name at once:


Click Apply then send your document as usual.

For more details on document tagging, please reference our Sender Guide.