Happy 43rd anniversary of Earth Day. At DocuSign we’re doing our part by using pixels instead of paper, saving millions of pages of paper every day. For me, it’s inspiring to be doing something with a global impact on the environment – a big step forward from my early experience cleaning beaches on Earth Day. (I grew up outside of Chicago just 2 miles from Lake Michigan – not a particularly dirty beach, but we got into the spirit nonetheless.).

So just how far can our reach be felt? To date, more than 35 million people have DocuSigned more than 290 million documents in 188 countries. The Environmental Energies Technology Division of the University of California’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory estimates that the average tree produces 8,300 pages of paper. That means that each and every day the DocuSign global network saves more than 434 trees—an awe-inspiring 158,410 trees per year. That is truly something to celebrate.

And our influence is alive and growing, just like the trees we’re saving. In just the past 10 months, DocuSign has grown 175% in app downloads vs. 62% for the overall app market. This sustainable growth of DocuSign, on mobile devices and online, is making people more efficient and productive, while positively impacting the environment around us. “While many companies still rely on pen and paper to finish business, DocuSign customers have discovered a better way for their businesses and the environment,” says Tom Gonser, our founder and chief strategy officer. “The DocuSign Global Network eliminates the need for printing, faxing, scanning and overnighting paper documents to get a signature—resulting in a better environmental impact for all types and sizes of organizations around the globe.”

As April 22nd approaches, I hope that you’ll join this global effort to support environmental protection and find a meaningful way to participate in Earth Day in your community. As the effects of climate change become clearer, the fight for a cleaner environment has an increased urgency. Here’s to working together today to protect the world we share, and to building a cleaner, healthier world for the generations to come.