As a veteran I am very excited to work for a company that is supporting our troops and country. As we announced earlier this week, DocuSign, in partnership with the Spirit of Liberty Foundation, is enabling every American to DocuSign the Declaration of Independence to promote liberty and freedom while showing support for our troops at home and abroad. It is an incredible statement of solidarity and support to be able to put your signature alongside those of the founding fathers of our country.

In my four years in active military duty and seven years in the reserves, I was honored to defend the values put forth in the Declaration of Independence, and do my part in serving our country. I’ve worked to share and instill these values with my family. Now that my nephews are serving on active duty in the Air Force and in the Army Reserves, I am proud to work with the Spirit of Liberty Foundation to help support the important work my nephews and their peers are doing for our country.

DocuSign’s Declaration of Independence kiosk debuted at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, August 27-30, 2012, and will also be at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, September 3-6, 2012. It will also be part of a city tour throughout 2013 and beyond, visiting U.S. Capitols and major metropolitan cities so that every American can DocuSign the Declaration of Independence. For those who can’t wait, you can also visit to sign and download your own copy of the Declaration of Independence. Make sure to follow DocuSign on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay up to date on the Spirit of Liberty, A Celebration of America Tour conversation.