Contributed by Chris Lopez, Broker at World Class Properties 

As a designated broker at World Class Properties every day involves a ton of paperwork. As I help my clients find their next home, I’m constantly reviewing and signing off on agreements and documents. I’m always focused on how I can make my company better and I’ve been a long time DocuSign user because it helped me manage my business. I could electronically sign and send agreements to my clients. It made my job easier and my clients loved it.  


However, once I started using DocuSign for Google, I was blown away by the experience. I no longer have to save a document, sign it on DocuSign, bring it back to my Gmail and then send it off anymore. The process of using DocuSign for Google is seamless. Every agreement and important document goes through my Gmail, and now I can access all of the DocuSign’s features directly from each email. I finish signing documents and they are automatically sent back to clients. All my completed documents are in my Google Drive and DocuSign accounts so I can access them whenever I need them.   


I sign between 5 and 10 documents every day and I save up to 10 minutes on each document. That frees up nearly 8 hours a week for me to focus on what’s important for my clients and my business.


I can’t say enough about the ease of use of DocuSign with Google. 


Have you tried DocuSign for Google Drive yet? Download it now from the Chrome Web Store.