Today concludes the Salesforce1 World Tour in EMEA. Over the past few months the DocuSign EMEA team have traveled with Salesforce to Helsinki, Copenhagen, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dubai, Paris and Munich!
Whilst every event is different, whether it is the size of the event, the speakers or the language being spoken, there has always been a common theme = excitement with regards to the Salesforce1 platform and how it is changing the way people work. At DocuSign, we are thrilled to be part of this revolution and our technology is right at the heart of it.
We have demonstrated DocuSign for Salesforce over 1,000 times during the tour; with our Solution Engineering team showing off some of our 11 sending & 43 signing languages plus our ability to provide a compliant solution across multiple legal jurisdictions. 
Key stats from the tour:

  • 1 New product launch (Welcome to the team OpenTrust!)
  • 4 languages (that the DocuSign team can speak..)
  • 8 countries
  • 8 legal jurisdictions
  • Over 1,000 DocuSign demo’s
  • 10,000 cups of coffee drunk* (*estimated and that is just the DocuSign team…)

See you next year Salesforce!

Thanks to the Salesforce team:  Melissa Di Donato, Pierre-Olivier Chotard, Ed Ball, Kimia Poursaleh, Maans Johnson, Stephanie Law, June Lee and many more!