Last fall, we gave DocuSign Transaction Rooms users the ability to link to their zipForm® Plus account. This was an important integration for us, and it made sense because we, as the leader in Digital Transaction Management (DTM), were teaming up with zipLogix, the industry leader in forms.

Over the course of the last year, users could import zipForm® Plus forms and other documents into their DocuSign Transaction Rooms from a zipForm® Plus transaction. The idea was to give you a place to organize all of your transaction files in one place and help speed things up. You didn’t have to print out a completed zipForm® Plus form and then scan it in anymore. You didn’t even have to download the form and reupload it to your Transaction Room.

The latest release of DocuSign Transaction Rooms, a component of DocuSign for REALTORS® PLUS, DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS, and DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS, Broker Edition, takes the connection with zipForm® Plus even further and gives users the ability to do more right from within DocuSign.

Grab and go

As I mentioned above, before you could import a zipForm® form into your Transaction Room, it had to exist in a zipForm® transaction first. That’s no longer the case. This update allows you to pull zipForm® documents directly from a zipForm® library and save valuable time. Of course, you can still import forms and other documents from zipForm® transactions as well, you just don’t have to. 

This leads to what is probably the most exciting part of the new release: you can now complete fill out zipForm® forms inside your DocuSign Transaction Room. There’s no reason to bounce between programs any longer. Pull the form in from the zipForm® library, complete the fillable fields, save it, and you’re done. And don’t worry, you won’t have to learn a new way of doing things. You’ll see the familiar zipForm® interface when filling out the form and your new forms will sync back to your zipForm® Plus account.

eSign here, please

Another nice thing about this release is support for DocuSign eSignature tags in your imported zipForm® forms. These tags show signers where to sign or initial. If the forms you pull in from a zipForm® library (we label them ZFX) are pre-tagged, the tags will remain intact in DocuSign Transaction Rooms. That sure beats manually placing tags, but you can still do that too, if you want. And of course, you can still manually tag any of your other documents just as you could before. 

It comes down to providing you with a single place to fully manage all your transactions. We feel like this deeper dive with zipForm® lets you take advantage of both systems to their fullest, and it advances our pursuit of making Digital Transaction Management as easy and efficient as possible.

If you’re already a customer and have a zipForm® Plus account as well, I encourage you to log in today and see what’s new. There’s no additional fee for this enhanced integration. If you don’t already have a zipForm® account, you can check it out here. And if you’re just exploring your options and interested in learning more about DocuSign for Real Estate solutions, click here.

This is a fun time for all of us around here because we know this update is something our users have been asking for. We hope you enjoy these added abilities and continue to see smoother real estate transactions.

– Paul Koziarz

Paul Koziarz is the Director of Product Marketing for Transaction Rooms at DocuSign, and co-founder of Cartavi (acquired by DocuSign). He continues to work with real estate professionals, and is also focused on expanding our Transaction Rooms solution to serve other key industries. Connect with Paul on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

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