The DocuSign Winter `17 Release: Our Biggest Yet!

By Marc Brown, Director - APAC Services

Calling out to the DocuSign Universe, the most innovative release is here, the DocuSign Winter ‘17 Release! This release is chock-full of capabilities empowering our key industries such as Financial Services and Insurance, providing exceptional customer experience, and expanding to international markets. No time to wait, let’s get into the good stuff with three key themes:

  1. Empower Key Industries Our first theme is supporting growth in key industries. To start with, let’s look at Supplemental Documents. This is the ability to include additional information, such as legal disclosures or terms and conditions for acknowledgment as a different and distinct part of an envelope, accessible via a click. Instead of shoving hundreds of pages disclosure documents into a mailed envelope, go the digital route allowing your signers to easily view and/or accept supplemental documents, all the while streamlining the signing experience. Watch the full video here.
  2. Exceptional User Experience Another key theme for this release is delivering exceptional customer experiences. Complete DocuSign administration functionality is now available within a brand new interface that is clean, simple and intuitive. With the New Administration Experience, admins no longer need to navigate to Classic “Preferences” to manage and administer their users. We also released new capabilities including Audit Logs and Bulk Actions for improved management visibility. Access DocuSign Admin directly via, from the link under Account Administration in Classic DocuSign Experience Preferences, or the Go to Admin link in the New DocuSign Experience.
  3. Expand to International Markets Marching around the globe, we have launched our initial electronic Hanko functionality called the Personal eHanko to serve customers doing business in Japan. This allows signers to upload and apply a personal Hanko (or kanji name stamp) to represent their signature or approval on a document. We will be adding additional eHanko capabilities over the next several releases so stay tuned.

And finally, we have Standards-Based Signatures. This is the motion to go into Europe and everywhere that civil law countries requires us to do something different than what we do in America. We have launched Advanced Electronic Signature and Signer-Held Certificates, which means basically you can take a certificate that’s been given to you in the cloud or on thumbdrive, plug it into my computer or login, and sign with that certificate.

And we’re not done! Here’s a sneak peek at features coming soon:

Beginning in February, we’re expanding our eNotary functionality. Senders can request a document to be notarized during the tagging process in the New and Classic DocuSign Experience or via the API with the “Sign with Notary” recipient types. This allows you to do electronic Notary in 11 states! We’ve kicked off a beta as well so if you’re a customer and would like be part of the beta, reach out to your DocuSign Account Manager.

Last month, we announced our Payments capability coming in February, where you can sign and pay in one step using a credit card, Apple Pay, or Android Pay. To stay up-to-date on all things DocuSign Payments, check out the webpage.

Now I know that’s a lot of new features, aren’t you jazzed about them? We sure are. For even more information regarding this release, read up on the Release Notes or contact your DocuSign Account Manager to learn more.

Happy Holidays from all of us at DocuSign!

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