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With so many businesses eliminating slow, paper-based workflows in favor of digital ones, Digital Transaction Management (DTM) has established itself as a key enabler of the 100% digital office. Significant benefits around ROI, ease of compliance, and improved customer experience keep investments in DTM high. 

In endorsing the xDTM Standard, you position yourself as a leader in this new arena and will help drive home the need for criteria to govern how digital transactions are conducted and managed. Given the increasing financial and human resources being focused on leveraging DTM, it was only natural for organizations to begin expressing an interest in having a robust industry standard that governs the management of these transactions. Hence, the birth of xDTM Standard.

DocuSign is 100% behind the xDTM Standard and is a founding member of the xDTM Standard Governing Board. Built on the dual concepts of trust and connectedness, the Standard includes specific, measurable thresholds for security, privacy, compliance, availability, and other critical elements.

The goal: To ensure that everyone feels completely confident transacting in this new 100% digital era.

If you support this move to define how digital transactions are conducted and managed – and what constitutes excellence – then take a moment to endorse the xDTM Standard.

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