Imagine being able to manage and share all the documents needed to transact with your mortgage broker from the convenience of your mobile device. ezidox, an Australian innovation, is making this a reality.

Geoff Kendall, CEO of ezidox, shares how the company’s technology smooths the process of collecting documents and how it’s expanding its capability with DocuSign.

Tell us more about ezidox and how you’re making it easier for businesses and consumers to transact?

ezidox has transformed the cumbersome process of collecting documents such as bank statements to speed up transactions like taking out a home loan. This process is typically time consuming and frustrating for everyone involved. A broker or lender sends through a checklist of all the documents they need to complete a transaction. On the other side of the fence, customers dig up documents such as payment slips and proof of ID and send them through one by one. So the broker or lender ends up with six or seven emails with multiple documents they need to download, rename and file.

With ezidox, the process is much simpler. The customer receives a list of the documents they need to submit and an invite to upload them into our portal or scan them in via our mobile app. The documents go into a single folder where everyone involved in the transaction can view them and collaborate.

What led you to integrate an eSignature platform into your solution?

Our clients sometimes need to collect signed documents and, in the past, this involved a lot of printing and scanning. By expanding our capabilities with an integrated eSignature platform, we could make things easier and digitise the process end-to-end.

How easy was it to switch on eSignature capability?

Thanks to DocuSign’s API and the technical support they provided, we were able to achieve integration in just three days. So now clients who want to offer eSignatures can do so. They simply sign up for DocuSign and switch on the capability within our app or portal. It’s completely seamless with documents signed and executed within DocuSign and then filed automatically within ezidox.

What benefits are your clients experiencing today?

Clients can now collect signed and unsigned documents at the press of a button. For instance, they can click to accept a document or reject it and choose from a drop-down list to add a reason why. They can also click to send documents out for signature and receive alerts once they’ve been signed.

Documents are securely handled by both apps and there’s a full audit trail for compliance.
The integrated solution also gives businesses a central place to transact and reduces the need for manual intervention. There’s no longer a need for someone to go through and rename, file, and index scanned documents for example. ezidox does it all for you.

It sounds like a much more efficient way of doing business. What are the average productivity savings for your clients?

Ezidox reduces the time it takes to collect documents by up to 90% and reduces transaction completion times by 30%. A typical mortgage broker might save up to six hours for each application processed – adding up to about 36 hours each month.

What’s next for ezidox?  

We want to make the customer experience so seamless that ezidox becomes the de facto way to gather and share documents. So one day, consumers could use our app to carry their portfolio of documents with them and transact with multiple service providers. Our partnership with DocuSign puts us one step closer to achieving these goals.

Want to know more about DocuSign’s API capabilities? Check it out here: