FileBound Australia seeks to help its customers automate business processes 100%. The business has recently extended its partnership with DocuSign to meet more of its customers needs and integrate eSignatures into process workflows.

Lee Green, Sales Director for FileBound Australia, offers more insight into how the company is streamlining business for customers, including B2B energy trader, QEnergy.

Tell us more about FileBound Australia and the challenges you help solve?

We offer software and services to help organisations of any size automate workflow. This includes integrating with technologies like DocuSign to address our customers’ end-to-end needs.

Automation can solve many different challenges for an organisation which is what makes it so exciting. Some of the key ones include increasing process efficiency, reducing errors, improving transparency and lowering costs.

Also, with our software platforms we can digitise data at the start of a process so that it can be tracked throughout and accessed in real time. This ensures that organisations using FileBound can compete in the digital era.

Can you talk about your partnership with DocuSign and why you needed an eSignature solution?

The company has partnered with DocuSign in the US for some time. We wanted to extend that partnership locally so we could integrate eSignatures into customer workflows. Our work with QEnergy was a catalyst for making it happen. We had already helped the company to improve its accounts receivable processes and they approached us to find a better way to manage their energy trade contracts and confirmations.

QEnergy’s process at the time was very manual. Their team would have to print, sign, scan, and email trade confirmations before appending an audit page to each confirmation and saving it to the file server. They would then manually enter the data into their trading system.

To fully automate this process and remove the need for printing and signing, we needed DocuSign.

How has the integration helped streamline business for QEnergy?

Using the DocuSign API, we were able to stand up a solution in just three weeks to improve the way QEnergy manages its energy trade contracts. These can now be signed electronically from anywhere, at any time.

Also, data from inbound documents is extracted automatically and flows right into QEnergy’s data warehouse.

The solution has improved compliance with audit requirements and reduced processing time for trade confirmations by 50%. Also, the company has more time and data which it can use to optimise its trading portfolio.

Do you see more opportunities to add value to your customers with DocuSign?

Our business is centred on the use of technology to make organisations more efficient. DocuSign has allowed us to extend the number of work processes we can apply the technology to.  As we see digital signature adoption continue to become commonplace so will we see the continued deployment of this technology.

We will definitely continue driving these new capabilities into solutions for our current and future customers.  We are also excited by the forward sales opportunities that the DocuSign partnership will enable.