In this digital age, our work lives revolve around productivity. We’ve even supplied ourselves with the energetic crackle of mobile tools to manage pings from email, social media, meetings, life, etc. However, we’ve yet to produce a mental plug-in to help stay on track during the day. We all are looking to do more in less time without compromising quality, so at the end of the day, we can look back at our day with pride and accomplishment.

This brings us to our recent partnership with Microsoft because we believe in the value of the Office 365 productivity suite of apps — they are accessible anytime from anywhere, help you collaborate to work together more effectively, and allow you to manage your day-to-day communication and content.

We know you use these Office 365 apps every day, and we also know that no one likes to waste their precious time printing, signing, scanning, faxing, or overnighting documents. That’s why we made DocuSign available directly from Outlook, Word, and SharePoint Online. With clean and simple UIs, we hope that they not only make you more productive, but are a tiny bit fun to use.

Great. So how can DocuSign make you more productive?

Here are some examples: 

Someone at Events XYZ Corp. sent you a catering form to sign off on for an upcoming event. Michelle sent it to you as a PDF attached to an email in Outlook. Need to sign it? No problem. In a few clicks you can sign and return that form to Michelle using DocuSign for Outlook.

You can even throw in a suggestion for them to use DocuSign next time 🙂

What about your company’s HR processes? Do you think you can streamline the way your company does new hire paperwork? We do.

SharePoint Online is a great place to store all kinds of documents. Let’s say your company stores all of their HR documents in a HR document library. To send an offer to a new hire, simply select the document, and click “Get Signatures” on the ribbon bar. Since my admin has already set up a template for this new hire packet in my DocuSign account, my new hire packet is already pre-tagged.

Once I’ve sent the packet to my new hire, I can track the status right from SharePoint Online. Even better, the completed signed document goes back to SharePoint Online making managing documents a cinch.

Do you ever need to edit agreements before getting signatures from the appropriate signers? Let’s say I run a consulting company, and often prepare a statement of work for my clients.

I edit my SOW with all of the appropriate information, including estimates and timelines. Once I’m done, I need to sign the statement and also have my client sign it.

I simply add the DocuSign for Microsoft Word app to my SOW, specify who is signing, tag the document, and send it out!

Don’t you feel more productive already? To get any of the DocuSign for Office 365 apps, visit the Office Store and search for “DocuSign”. We incorporate all your comments into our product decisions. Feel free to share your feedback in the Office Store comments or in the comments below.

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