It’s Friday!

Through the week, we always come across fun articles that surely take a few too many minutes reading. To avoid a mini-stroke when looking up for a time check, we’ve taken to bookmarking our favorite top trending articles when we can forget about the clock. So every Friday, we want to encourage you to sit back and enjoy a few minutes to catch up on the news that retunes your mental palette.

In response to our five faves, return the favor and share your own in the comments.

Without further ado, here are my five favorite articles that trended this week

#WeWereThere: Spotify’s Coachella Campaign – We at DocuSign love digital innovation. Rock on Spotify for connecting Coachella with music…and air-conditioning. 


LinkedIn’s New Mobile App – The new SlideShare app on LinkedIn’s mobile offering is right up our alley for enhancing the mobile experience. This looks like the perfect compliment to sealing the deal: Just DocuSign a contract and then hop onto LinkedIn and grow your professional network. 


The Mobile Kill-Switch – Naturally, we’re thrilled to learn that Apple is among the 8 smartphone companies that will voluntarily implement the global anti-theft feature starting in July 2015. As we offer DocuSign mobile on iOS, these vital security measures loudly echo our commitment to secure mobile access. Read more here


Wearable Health Technology – Each day, I notice more people in the office either sporting the Fitbit or another health tracker. The more I see them latched onto to people’s wrists, I realize that digital is the future for the health care industry; We’re looking forward to helping the healthcare industry make the digital transformation to further innovate and create better patient experiences.



HBO’s Silicon Valley – Good TV that’s work appropriate! Excited that's just been renewed for a second season



Do we share any favorites? Please share them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.