In Australia, homeownership is the great Australian dream for many, yet the property market is becoming more exclusive and competitive. Real estate agents are facing increased pressure from clients to secure properties in a tight marketplace. One of the easiest ways real estate agents can turnaround business quicker and provide better customer service for clients is via digital transaction methods.

Here are four reasons why it’s important for Australian real estate agents to adopt digital technologies.

  1. Less paperwork = more business

The real estate industry is paper heavy by nature from leasing agreements to purchase sales, there is an endless flow of information which needs to be signed and shared with clients. Digital solutions offer real estate agents the ability to track the contract process and keep their paperwork secure. Contracts can be signed in real time and templates can be created to reduce duplication, allowing you to put valuable time back in your day.

  1. Innovate before it’s too late

 Recently, REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin stated it’s only a matter of time before all levels of Australian government support eSignatures 100%. The state governments for NSW and South Australia are currently working to amend their legislation to permit electronic signatures. Real estate agents should be considering their options for digital technologies well in advance, to ensure they are ready for the shift in processes.

  1. eSignatures are already trusted overseas

 If we consider how increasingly different types of businesses including real estate is going global, it is crucial to provide a seamless service that our overseas counterparts expect. DocuSign is already the most trusted real estate transaction method in the US. In the past 12 months, over 12 million documents and two million real estate transactions have been DocuSigned on the DocuSign Global Trust Network. It is also the official provider of electronic signatures for the National Association of Realtors, which has 1.1 million members from residential and commercial real estate industries.

  1. Gain a competitive advantage

Are you looking to secure a property for your client quickly? In real estate time is of the essence and eSignatures can ensure your client is first in line. eSignatures allow contracts to be turned around in seconds rather than waiting hours or days, which it can sometimes take to complete a contract. An electronic signature can move between a solicitor, conveyancer, real estate agent, buyer and seller instantly, allowing greater collaboration and flexibility for all parties.