At the Founders’ Forum, Tom Gonser shared some insights into how he started DocuSign and how the company grew to where it is today.  One of the key takeaways was that Tom’s vision expanded to solve the key pain points associated with managing paperwork once the document signature process was taken to the cloud.  Ultimately, continuous disruption of the status quo while connecting to the ecosystems around DocuSign has created what is now a Digital Transaction Management Platform

I joined DocuSign in 2006 after working in the Windows Division at Microsoft. From the very start it was obvious that in order for DocuSign to reach its full potential it needed to connect to systems that produced, stored, processed and displayed documents.  Today about 60% of DocuSign’s transactions go through the API. Documents that are created in CRMs, Office Applications, Customer Portals, ERPs go through the DocuSign workflow and often times get archived in Cloud storage, CLMs, and plain old file servers.

To allow millions of our customers (and their customers) to process and track documents, we’ve added and tailored form fields, routing, authentication, notification, templates, sharing and authoritative copies. But we’re always looking to enhance user experience and so we’re deeply investing in the ability to connect our systems with our partners and SDKs.  For systems like Salesforce, Google and Microsoft, we have created connectors to make sure they are free and intuitive.

Of course, we owe a lot of this success to the diversity and accessibility of the Cloud and mobile devices.  Companies like Salesforce, DropBox, Twilio and countless others have pushed the adoption of Cloud and Mobile software as the ideal solution to combat historical paper-based pain points.

The exciting thing is that the best has yet to come with this revolution in disruption.

You – the independent software developer, systems integrator or administrator – are invited to join us in accelerating this disruptive change.  We are putting together DevCon 2015 where you can connect, share and learn about the new tools and learn how to Build the Business Apps of Tomorrow 

Click here to register now to join us March 10-12 in the heart of San Francisco! We look forward to connecting with you in person.