We’ve heard it time and again for a number of years: the predictions of the paperless office; the death of the printer, fax machine, and scanner; and the resulting era of increased productivity. Now more than ever, with electronic signatures gaining mainstream momentum, it’s becoming reality. But eSignature technology is having a much broader impact, helping companies transform the way business gets done.

We’ve seen our customers do more with the same amount of resources (or less) as a result of DocuSigning. Whether it’s sales teams who are closing more deals, banks and credit unions processing more loans, insurance providers and agents accelerating the speed to coverage for clients, or healthcare companies getting patients the care they need more quickly, DocuSign is helping companies transform their processes, automate workflows, and accelerate transactions to do business faster and better – all while delighting their customers and reducing costs.

One recent example of the impact of eSignature is highlighted in an article from Macworld on the decline of printer sales and how companies are shifting their business strategies accordingly. The quest for increased productivity, reduced costs, and streamlined transactions via straight-through processing — all enabled by eSignature technology — is requiring companies to evolve to remain competitive. eSignature is at the heart of this transformation: “The iPad and the Kindle have made it easier than ever to read documents electronically, [Endpoint Technologies analyst Roger Kay] noted, and technologies that allow people to sign documents electronically, from DocuSign and others, have removed a big hurdle to doing away with the printed page.”

A related story from ThomasNet discussed how the cost savings associated with eSignatures helps make the vision of a paperless office a reality: “Making use of electronic signature technology allows you to cut paper use on even contracts and other legal documents.”

DocuSign customers, partners, and the developer community are leveraging eSignature technology to innovate within their businesses to increase speed to results, reduce costs, and delight customers. That was the premise behind our May 2-3 DocuSign MOMENTUM conference in San Francisco which captured the spirit of how eSignature has gone from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’ across industries, business departments, and individual professions.