Customer Spotlight: Goodman Australia takes on property industry’s paper trail

With innovation at its core, Goodman Australia sets out to digitise workflow and change the way that business gets done in the property industry. It was a huge leap forward for a company where signing parties had become the norm.

Michelle Ban, Custody and Legal Assistant at Goodman Australia, shares what motivated the company to challenge the status quo and how it’s reaping the rewards.

Can you tell us about Goodman Australia and some of the challenges you faced dealing with paper?

As the largest listed property group in Australia, we own, develop and manage some of the country’s premier industrial and business space. Our total portfolio includes more than 160 properties, making it the largest within the broader Goodman Group.

Given our size and the scope of our business, we execute an extraordinary number of documents each day. These include leases, customer reference checks and contracts with building services professionals like builders and plumbers.

As we grew, handling these documents became a nightmare. Armfuls of documents would be passed from one signatory to the next or hauled into conference rooms for signing parties. Once finalised, the documents would then need to be scanned or physically stored.

The process was not only inefficient but interfered with daily business. Contracts misplaced or delayed in the post could stall development works or building repairs. Similarly, variations to tenancy agreements could be delayed simply because a key signatory was travelling.

What led you to an eSignature solution?

We wanted to digitise workflow and improve efficiency. We simply couldn’t carry on doing things the way that they’d always been done. Also, in the future, everything will be digital so it just made sense to make that leap now and reap the benefits right away.

Where are you at today with digitising workflow?

We’ve been using DocuSign’s eSignature Platform for less than a year and have already digitised 70% of internal forms. We’ve also set up new power forms to support automated workflow.

It’s completely changed the way we work. You’ll no longer find teams huddled together in a conference room simply to sign papers. Instead, they’re using DocuSign to sign documents instantly, both from their laptop and their phone.

Also, many documents requiring external signatures are now sent and signed digitally using DocuSign. There’s no longer the need for either side to worry about a lost or delayed contract. Digitisation and automation means that we can keep business moving forward.

What other benefits are you experiencing as a result of going digital?  

We’ve removed so much of the time and paper involved in everyday property management. Turnaround times have been slashed from as much as two weeks to two days and we no longer need to print and store mountains of paper. Document management is also improved with DocuSign providing full traceability of documents and supporting our compliance needs.

It’s set a new standard, not just for ourselves but for an industry that’s been held back by paper for far too long.

If you want to see for yourself just how easy it is to go paperless with DocuSign, sign up for a free interactive demo today.

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