[Knowledge Market] How do I add an eSignature to my document?

Is there a more frequently used term than ‘digital’ in business today? It seems everyone is digitising something, and the buzz is loudest around esignatures.  Businesses who use esignatures to keep their agreements online, slash their costs and reduce contract turnaround times from weeks to hours - or minutes.

If you’re feeling 'out of the loop' about esignatures, let us show you how easy adding an esignature to your business agreements can be, with this simple step-by-step guide.

First, if you have not already done so, you'll need to sign up for a DocuSign account. You can try it free for 30 days - just sign up here.

All done? Now you’re ready to go.

Step 1: Upload your document

From your DocuSign Account, click NEW, then click Send an Envelope.

Click UPLOAD A FILE to upload a document from your computer, or click GET FROM CLOUD to upload a document from an online location. Locate the document you want to upload and click Open.

Step 2: Add the recipient

In the RECIPIENTS field, enter the recipient's name and email address.

Step 3 Add the email subject and message

a. DocuSign automatically adds an email subject when you upload a document. You can edit this subject and add a message to the recipient by filling in the MESSAGE fields.

b. When finished, click NEXT.

Step 4: Add signing fields

The Fields Palette and your document appear. The recipient name is displayed in the Recipients List.

To assign a signature or other field for the recipient, click and drag a field from the Fields Palette and place it on the document.

Step 5 Preview and send your document

Review your document, then click SEND.

It's as simple as that!

Now you've got your account, you can enjoy the benefits of getting your agreements signed faster and easier.  Happy signing!

To see esignatures in action, watch our short video.

Video - How to send an envelope