This week, the right to request flexible working hours was extended to all employees in the UK. Understandably, there has been a huge amount of press coverage on the pros and cons for both the employer and the employee.

At DocuSign EMEA, our team is experienced in flexible working – we have to be! There are now approximately 40 of us who cover EMEA, and with an area of this scope it amounts to a lot of work. Work that involves plenty of traveling; this week for example we’re sponsoring the Salesforce1 World Tour in Munich, last week at the equivalent event in Paris. And with the varying time difference, early starts are also commonplace–joining a 9am conference call in Dubai that equates to 6am in the UK, or working on a UK bank holiday, as it doesn’t take place in the Netherlands that day–the list goes on. As such, our employers at DocuSign have to trust us to work flexibly and do the hours required to perform our jobs effectively and successfully. 

We achieve this by giving our team the tools to do their job wherever and whenever they need to. Tools such as GoToMeeting, Box, Salesforce, NetSuite and of course DocuSign, mean that we are not tied to our desks and actually very rarely need to be in order to work productively. Naturally, there are advantages to being in the office with the team regularly in order to build relationships with our colleagues, and in my experience it’s our team culture that makes DocuSign somewhere people want to work. But it doesn’t have to be every day 9-5 to achieve this.

For us at DocuSign, flexible working is a way of life. But don’t mistake that as not working hard – it’s a way of working that allows our team to work long hours and enjoy it!

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