"When Workflow Automation and Electronic Signature processes are combined, you have a very good thing.” – Mike Fitzmaurice, Nintex VP of Product Technology

Earlier this month, DocuSign and Nintex joined forces to host a well-attended webinar: “Improve Your Approvals Using Nintex Workflows with DocuSign eSignatures.” Throughout the webinar, Nintex VP Mike Fitzmaurice demonstrated the ease with which the Nintex Connector for DocuSign can automate common business processes. Quite simply, the two platforms work together so it takes less time to get things done!

If you’re not familiar with Nintex, it’s the company behind the leading workflow platform for streamlining business processes. The Nintex Connector for DocuSign helps users automate the signature gathering portion of dozens of common processes. Harnessing the power of DocuSign and leveraging SharePoint and Office 365, Nintex makes it easy for people to obtain signature approvals on the platforms where they work. Drag and drop DocuSign actions into Nintex workflows to automate any process needing an approval, including non-disclosure agreements, work orders, audit sign-offs and employee onboarding tasks. Streamlining even one approval process saves time and money for the organization.

To summarize the webinar (which you can also view at the bottom of this post), the Nintex Connector for DocuSign delivers value in three ways: security, flexibility and ease of use.


When it comes to secure workflows, DocuSign meets the highest security standards and offers the industry’s most extensive set of certifications & tests, including ISO 27001, SSAE 16, PCI DSS 2.0, TRUSTe, and compliance with the U.S. Department of Commerce Safe Harbor policies regarding the collection, use and retention of personal data.

Not every “digital signature” is good enough for every case. You can rely on DocuSign’s robust set of mechanisms and options for validating the authenticity of the participants in a signing transaction. The platform makes it easy to layer different authentication options for each specific case, including multifactor and two-factor choices.

In the background, DocuSign provides a set of features for non-repudiation – a digital audit trail for every envelope that captures critical information through application and system logs, thereby providing a digital record of the entities accessing those envelopes. After all parties have participated in the signing process, DocuSign issues certificates of completion.

Lastly, DocuSign does all of this with a carrier-grade solution that ensures it’s always available when you need it most – making secure sign-offs possible at any time, and speeding up business in the process.


Based on the workflows you design, Nintex and DocuSign work together to figure out exactly which approvals you need in any given process. Depending on the specific outcome of a business process, a document might need to be routed to people in a certain order – or it may need approval from multiple people at once – or it might not need a signature at all.

And once a document is signed, you can decide exactly what happens next in the workflow. That’s the beauty of dropping DocuSign into a Nintex workflow – it’s as flexible as it is smart. It can be customized for any business process.

Not to mention, DocuSign drives efficiency by making sign-offs possible anywhere and anytime. Mobile? Desktop? It just works. No downtime. And since nearly half of DocuSign transactions are completed within an hour, you can be sure your newly automated business processes will move at lighting speed.

Ease of Use

Even with all the moving parts, the experience is easy for both the user and the workflow administrator. End users love the delightfully simple DocuSign UI. In fact, users don’t even need a DocuSign account to successfully DocuSign a document. And administrators love the ease with which DocuSign actions can be dropped into Nintex workflow – with just a few clicks from the Nintex Live Catalog or Nintex Store.

In addition, the Nintex Connector for DocuSign simplifies data management behind templated documents, which are easily customized and populated from Nintex data and forms. The workflow also knows when a document or approval is signed, and won’t move forward with a process until the approval is obtained.


Click here to learn more about the DocuSign Connector for DocuSign and explore how it can drive greater automation for your workflows.