One of our early mantras when developing DocuSign Transaction Rooms was Simple. Mobile. Secure. We take great pride in providing real estate solutions that satisfy all three of these words, and we’re dedicated to keeping this idea at the very core of how we develop products for the industry.

Let’s focus on that word in the middle. Mobile. If you’ve been to our site, you’ve probably seen images of smartphones and tablets. We’ve mentioned in a number of spots that DocuSign for REALTORS® PLUS and DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS, Broker Edition were designed for mobile. Basically it comes down to this: we want you to be able to do as much as you can without needing to go back to the office or even opening up your laptop.

The latest DocuSign Transaction Rooms release continues our charge to help you get work done on the go. We’ve added several new mobile capabilities that will cut a few more ties to your computer.

More productive in the field

Checklists are used within Transaction Rooms to help agents organize and complete all of the required documentation of a transaction. This release gives agents the ability to apply a checklist to a Transaction Room (or remove one), and add or remove documents from a checklist right from their mobile device. Agents can also view the status of checklists on their phone or tablet, and see which items have been approved or rejected. Staying on top of the process doesn’t have to wait until you get back to the office. 

Approvals from anywhere

For brokers or managers, sometimes getting to everything that needs your attention can take a while. This can create a bottleneck for agents who need approvals on documents or checklists to keep the transaction moving. With our latest update, you can now approve or reject checklist documents or entire checklists from the DocuSign Transaction Rooms app or mobile web, even when you’re not at your desk.

And while I’m talking about checklists, you can also change a checklist item from required to optional, or vice versa, while standing in line at the coffee shop.

Tap to close

Another advantage of this release for brokers or managers comes when it’s time to close deals. Oftentimes, your agents are working around their clients’ schedule, and a great deal of important work is done after traditional business hours. You’re not always going to be in the office when it’s time to finalize a transaction. A few simple taps on your tablet or smartphone and you’ve just approved the closure of a Transaction Room. 

A quick fix

The new mobile functionality also lets you edit the details of a Transaction Room you own on the fly. Maybe you’ve discovered that the year a home was built was incorrectly entered as 1996, but it’s actually 1997. Or perhaps you want to fill in the latest offer details, but you’re already heading out of town for the weekend. Don’t worry, you don’t have to turn your car around or put it off until you get to the hotel. Your phone or tablet will do the trick.

In-person addition

Lastly, we’ve developed in-person signing for Android tablets. Previously available only for iOS on iPads, in-person signing lets you collect signatures directly on your tablet. Your clients simply sign with a stylus or their finger and the signature is instantly captured. Fast and easy.

If you’re already a customer, log in today to see what’s new. We’re also excited for you to do more on your phone. If you’re interested in learning more about DocuSign for Real Estate, click here.

We’ve always held on to the idea of being mobile first, and we are thrilled to be able to create products that get you away from your desk and perhaps make you even more productive. Happy tapping.

Paul Koziarz

Paul Koziarz is the Director of Product Marketing for Transaction Rooms at DocuSign, and co-founder of Cartavi (acquired by DocuSign). He continues to work with real estate professionals, and is also focused on expanding our Transaction Rooms solution to serve other key industries. Connect with Paul on Twitter or on LinkedIn.