You may have seen DocuSign’s announcement today on the launch of DocuSign Digital Certificates and how we’re bringing digital signatures to the DocuSign Cloud, and making them easier to use. Because we are enabling digital signatures in our cloud, they can work with any document type without the need for plugins, and can support any mobile device.  We are doing this through our partnership with ARX, Inc., the providers of CoSign, this is a great addition for DocuSign customers who do business with governments, in geographies and with organizations who require digital certificates. This expands on our other trust partnerships to deliver trust such as RSA, Authentify, and SAFE Bio-pharma so our customers can use the best tools for their digital transactions.
Many people ask me — “What’s the difference between an electronic signature, a digital signature and a digital certificate?” There are lots of answers to this, but here is a simple primer:
An electronic signature is typically meant to be a signature that is based on some process which ties a unique signature, made by a person, and affixed to a document in such a way as to create trust that the person signed the record. They are seen as “process signatures,” and are usually part of a larger system that manages entire workflows.
Digital signature refers to a type of electronic signature based on the X.509 standard that is backed by a digital certificate. A digital certificate is a standards-based credential that contains identity information, and binds this information to a public key used to identify a specific person or entity. You can use a digital certificate to form a digital signature in a secure system. Together these are used in an industry-standard infrastructure called PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).
So, now we support both signing methods, and both gather their trust and value from the same docusign platform that handles identity proofing, forms, workflow and a wealth of integrations.  
Our vision is to empower anyone to sign anything, anywhere, anytime, on any device. The new DocuSign Digital Certificate, offers more signing choices for customers who operate in industries, geographies, and with organizations that require digital certificates to complete business. DocuSign Digital Certificates will provide an added layer of identity assurance to give DocuSign customers – and their customers – complete confidence in every transaction.
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