Just a little unique tidbit about DocuConferences…we throw our parties in the middle for a little adrenaline spike! 

But, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end…with a bang.

Sure enough, DocuSign MOMENTUM 2015 sent the DocuCommunity back into the digital world armed with cutting edge trends and best practices.

We’ve learned from our customers and partners how to think during their digital transformations. 

Think Customer

For the first of the final keynotes, we turned the mic to Parker Harris, Co-Founder of Salesforce who sat down for a fireside chat with DocuSign Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Tom Gonser.

Instead of calling out current trends, he called out his motto from circa 1999 as the key to forging relationships with customers:  

Do It Fast and Right The First Time

Not only that, but the key competitive edge in building products is a simplified UX and UI that delivers speedy results.

Think Frictionless

From DocuSign Board Member Enrique Salem to Discovery Communications Innovation Strategist Adam Zuckerman, the clear path to (consistently) delighting customers is leveraging paperless platforms and #DTM for frictionless results.

According to Will Hughes, Global OTT and President of Telstra, we’re rubbing shoulders with nearly 3 billion Internet users.

So it’s about time for businesses to go digital from the inside out so there can be more success stories, like from UBS Group Americas COO Kathleen B Lynch whose team leveraged digital and DTM to cut transaction processing time down from 11 days to 13 minutes.

How To Make the FULL Digital Transformation   

One cool tradition at MOMENTUM is our industry breakout sessions featuring our very one DocuSign customers — the true digital business superstars.

Insurance, Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Legality…the DocuCommunities convened to share just how they made the digital transformation within their own space.

We’re a DocuCommunity and our customers will always be the seminal source for best practices and tips ‘n tricks!

Check out some snaps of our many nuggets of inspiration:

Think Transforming Others (Through Digital Business Tools)

Winding down to the closing moments, Brad Brooks introduced a particularly inspiring speaker – Christoph Gorder, Chief Water Officer at Charity: Water.

750 million people across the globe lack access to clean water. Charity: Water leverages creative solutions to bring clean water to as many people as possible.

As stewards dedicated to a critical mission, the charity lives and breathes digital transformation, utilizing digital tools to evangelize and demonstrate the impact of their clean water initiative.

Check out their inspiring campaigns here.

And with oncoming streams of donations funding clean water projects across the world, they leverage DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform to facilitate accountability and transparency of every single dollar donated.

Ultimately, Christoph reminds us that Business is Global: Trust is Local. Digital innovation relies on trust to drive broader transformation.

Within our DocuSign ecosystem, we’ve the tools handy to move innovation forward.

Here’s to keeping up the MOMENTUM!