Contributed by Ryan Duguid, Vice President of Product at Nintex  

People have always been looking for ways to get more done in less time…  the wheel, Archimedes’ screw, and the internal combustion engine: all inventions aimed at making our lives easier.  In the meantime, organizations have focused on becoming more efficient. From the industrial revolution and the introduction of the assembly line, to the IT revolution, we’ve an obsession with process automation.

While the IT revolution promised a truly digital future, the early days of process automation were challenged by high cost and complexity.  As a result, organizations focused on solving a small set of “heavy lifting” problems, leaving behind thousands of everyday processes that if automated, could transform the way we do business.

To address this problem, a fresh approach is needed that empowers people to quickly and easily automate and improve all processes across their business without needing developers or skilled IT professionals.  That approach is called Workflow Automation, a revolution in its own right, where the following is a reality:

  • Streamlining processes
  • Content Integration
  • Empowerment to get work done anywhere, anytime.

At the same time, technology is evolving, giving us more power to help organizations get better at what they do. The rise of the cloud has enabled us to make our platform accessible to more people and more cost effectively than ever before. Our customers are ultimately enabled to automate processes that span disparate systems and leverage an ever-expanding range of cloud services that can drive greater efficiencies.

Of course the benefits of new technology don’t stop there. The proliferation of mobile devices mean people can interact with processes anywhere, anytime. Not only that, social media opens up new ways of interacting with processes by enabling them to be driven by real time customer sentiment. Finally, services like oDesk open up a global pool of talent, so processes can be designed that engage the highest skilled, most cost effective resources available right when they are needed the most.

When it comes to the workplace, tools are now optimized to enable our success with minimal friction.

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About Ryan

Ryan Duguid is vice president of product at Nintex, where he is responsible for setting product and platform vision, driving continuous innovation, and delivering technology to help everyday people solve their process problems.

Ryan joined Nintex from Microsoft, where he was responsible for the content management business in the SharePoint Product Group. During a career that spans more than 19 years in the technology sector, Ryan has built a number of successful small businesses, led the global expansion of a New Zealand software consultancy, and helped connect the island nation of Niue to the Internet.

Ryan received a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and psychology from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.