When innovation becomes a buzzword, you can count on a deluge of products and services that promise the moon and back.

But you know you’ve got the one – and need a strategy to surround sound your product’s value. Not to mention you also need a quick and addictive pitch that seals in retention and happy word of mouth chatter.

After all, Adoption is the new ROI.

So let’s get into key points that will kick ‘churn management’ out of our fear list.

Customer Support or Bust

Any company needs to invest time and energy in a robust customer support strategy. Poor customer support will crack your dreams of success before you blink.

  • It’s a 24/7 gig: digital business throws the 9-5 chains out the window. Ensure – especially at the beginning phases – to have a dedicated support staff to answer and follow up on any questions or address glitches.


  • Proactive knowledge: Marketing and developer teams should partner to create and regularly update one-pagers or guides on product releases, features and other approved brand speak. Everyone should be in the know so they’re no holes in customer support efforts.

Know Your Stuff

Just like customers want your support stuff to be on the ball: anyone and everyone in your company should have a Ph.D in the product.

  • Coordinate Product Information: Create cheat sheets and one-pagers so everyone is crystal on every inch of the product and upcoming features
  • Be an Industry Smarty: Prove to your prospects and customers that you’ve a strong grasp on industry pain points, trends and innovations.

You Speak Their Language

Not literally, but almost. A product shines from the rest if you tailor your speak to the customer. That means asking them questions. Ask them what values they prioritize from SaaS products and platforms? Maybe security isn’t their thing or they’re heavily relying on a customer support unit.

  • Leverage Online Chatter: Tap into key industry forums to understand how your prospects think; you can better prepare yourself by leveraging their word choice and pain points to make a break through.

This projection of ‘ESP’ ensures that prospects know you’re selling them a solution, not a product. Don’t focus on the money – that’s glaringly obvious when money is top of mind. Instead, slip on your consultant hat and focus on serving as a resource to prospects and customers so they can green light their success. 

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