Two minds are always better than one, but what about companies? Vertafore and DocuSign’s recent partnership announcement proves how powerful combining forces to increase efficiency because let’s face it— things are just easier when you have a friend on your side.

DocuSign is a logical integration with Vertafore, who offers insurance companies with competitive technology solutions. We were able to sit down with Cliff Demmer (VP of Field Sales) and Rachel Ford (VP of Development) to talk through the announcement and how the partnership came to fruition.

Q- Why did Vertafore decide to partner with DocuSign?

Rachel: After performing a detailed market analysis of players in the digital transaction management (DTM) space, it was obvious that DocuSign is the leader. The roadmap for adopting and rolling out DocuSign was laid out in an innovative and forward thinking manner. The synthesis between our products is logical and transparent with a straightforward integration that proved to be effortless.

Cliff: DocuSign is the gold standard for DTM—clearly the market leader. When you take a new concept to any vertical market place, it is important to partner with companies with sterling reputations like DocuSign.

Q- What is one thing that stood out during the review process that convinced you to make the decision to partner with DocuSign?

Rachel: From a development perspective, it became clear very quickly that DocuSign has their bases covered on security, integration ease, and data management. There are a myriad of opportunities and options in place rooted in a very robust system that is easy to connect with. We wanted to roll out the platform to our customer base as fast as possible while still focusing on ease of use and security.

Cliff: We know our clients are looking for ways to create better client experiences for their clients and DocuSign was just the vehicle to take them there. The further we looked, the more value we saw from both a sales perspective and as a customer experience tool. It was a no brainer.

Q- From a development position, when you were being walked through the integration process, what were your thoughts for using DocuSign today and in five years?

Rachel: We found it interesting that DocuSign yields immediate value from even a lightweight integration. In regards to how DocuSign will help today; it is always nice to get up and running quickly and to be able to see value straightaway. In five years, we know the DocuSign platform will support deeper and broader work flows— where DTM is a natural part of an agent’s experience. We can already see iteration paths where value is continually being added, so thinking where DocuSign will support Vertafore’s strategy in five years is incredibly exciting.

Q- How is DocuSign being rolled out to employees and what have been their reactions so far?

Cliff: The partnership announcement has brought about lots of excitement and questions. Our employees can tell what a powerful tool DocuSign will be for them and want to know every scenario to which it can be applied. Many of our employees have already had very positive personal user experiences, which has confidently impacted their ability to sell. DocuSign will make it easier for clients to sell and there is an undeniable level of excitement and anticipation to get started. We are being flooded with questions about the integration, the main one being, “When can we start?” 

Q- How do you see DocuSign impacting the sales team at Vertafore?

Cliff: DocuSign extends the reach of our market. Due to our substantial footprint in the insurance industry, clients are likely to turn to us for suggestions when integrations of this nature emerge. Now, not only can we respond in a positive manner about DocuSign’s potential but can go one step further and drive conversation about DocuSign as an concrete partner. The integration helps us round out that solution.

Q-How are Vertafore customers reacting to the new services DocuSign offers?

Rachel: All the players we collaborated with during the decision period were very supportive about partnering with DocuSign and have continued to offer nothing but positive backing.

Cliff: While we haven’t received direct feedback since the partnership announcement, everyone who knew about the idea has generated nothing but encouragement and excitement. There is definitely a positive buzz.

Q- DocuSign is often described as a superhero. Who is your favorite superhero and why?

Cliff: That’s a tough question but I am going to go with Batman— he is a regular guy with less of a “superhuman” complex. Batman can do incredible things with a normal set of skills.

Rachel: I have a teenage son at home, so the question of who is the best superhero is a hot topic in my family! I will go with Iron Man— he is an innovator with a lot of intelligence and creativity and is constantly maturing his definition of great.                      

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