What does my signature say about me?!

Have you ever wondered what your signature says about you?  Every person’s signature is so unique.  Some are careful and curly, while others more closely resemble lumpy blobs or a failed attempt to lasso the page.  Is it possible that people’s signatures say something about their personalities?  Is it possible that characteristics of each individual signature link to characteristics of each of us unique individual people?

Graphology – part art, part science, part divination – is the practice of deriving one’s personality from handwriting.  Some have discredited graphology as a “woo woo” pseudo science more akin to astrology or magic.  Others compare it to psychology claiming that psychological elements of a person’s personality manifest themselves in certain fine motor traits and habits.  The CIA used graphology to assess the personalities of applicants when hiring or of possible informants, searching for betrayal or treason in the loops and curls scrawled across the page.

The hidden side of the famous

According to handwriting experts, Marilyn Monroe’s signature indicates that she was, as we all know, very outgoing and expressive.  There is a hidden side to Marilyn that can be seen through her signature.  The narrow letters and narrow spaces between letters indicate that she habitually held back her true feelings.

Steve Jobs is well known for leading Apple in pioneering revolutionary and elegant products.  He was renowned for his candor on stage, but his signature gives a deeper look into his inner personality.  The use of lower case “s” and “j” for the initial letters of his signature indicates that Jobs did not crave the limelight.

Try it yourself

Whether or not you believe there is some truth to graphology, it is definitely fun to think about.  We at DocuSign have developed our own graphology Facebook app in celebration of national ESIGN day.  It combines signature analysis with information from Facebook to create your own personalized signature analysis info graphic.  I decided to try it out.
picture of facebook application

These are my results.  Adventurous!  Reckless!  And a stylish optimist!  I like it!

picture of infographic results

So take your best shot!  See whether you are perceptive or pompous, or maybe both.  And see what else a little handwriting analysis, Facebook information, and fairy dust can tell you about yourself.  You never know.  Maybe what you discover will change your life.

Happy ESIGN day 2013!