Templates are an excellent way to further streamline business processes and save even more time.  Once a tagging template is created, it will automatically populate a document with the same tags in the same locations.  This is particularly useful when sending the same heavily tagged documents to many different recipients.

Here is how to create a template in DocuSign.  Under the “Create” menu, select “Template.”

Select template picture

Give the template a name, a description, and select whom to share the template with.  Next, upload a document to create a template.

naming template and uploading document picture

Under “Recipients and Routing,” designate the recipient roles.  This is a little different from designating recipients when creating an envelope.  Because the document will be sent to many different recipients, it is only necessary to indicate a role.  The specific email address will be filled in later.

Recipient role picture

Click “Next” to move on to tagging the template.  Notice that the recipients are not mentioned, but their roles are.  The email addresses will be filled in when sending an envelope using the template.

Tag the document by dragging and dropping signature and other fields onto the document in their appropriate places.  It works exactly the same as tagging a document for an envelope.

Tagging picture

Click “Save,” and the template will be saved under “My Templates.”

When the document that the template was made from is uploaded, the system will automatically recognize it and match the template to it.

Automatic tagging notification picture

Select the template and fill in the email address of the recipient.

Insert recipient email picture

Click “Next.”  The document will already be populated with tags from the template.

Populated tags picture

For commonly used documents with tens or even hundreds of fields, templates are invaluable.  They can save hours when sending the same document to many different users.  Happy DocuSigning!